Innovation Days Festo

Mason Innovation Days celebrates the second year of a unique collaborative model, a public-private partnership between the City of Mason and Festo that touches local and regional businesses and communities. The City and Festo work collaboratively to strengthen the local economy, partnering on talent attraction, economic development strategy and fostering STEM education.

The City of Mason has developed a growing environment within the bioscience and technology industries that ranges from promising growth companies to international businesses like Festo. Mason is strategically positioned within the Greater Cincinnati market with close access to the majority of Festo’s customer base.

During Mason Innovation Days, Festo, the City of Mason, regional and state leadership will welcome Festo management and international trade journalists to share and celebrate Festo’s advanced automation, leadership in progressing Industry 4.0 and the grand opening of its state-of-the-art facility campus in Mason along the I-71 Innovation Corridor. Mason Innovation Days will feature Festo’s air ship and hot air balloon, part of a demonstration of Festo’s commitment to innovation around industrial research and development.

Festo Airship Hot Air Ship  

Festo Hot Air Ship

Air ships generate “lift” by using gasses that are lighter than the air to ascend and unlike hot air balloons, are powered by an engine and can be steered. As a result of weight reduction research, the Festo Hot Air Ship is made of light envelope fabrics and specialized sewing technologies. Powered by a 65 horse-power engine, Festo’s 161-foot Hot Air Ship can fly up to 17 miles per hour.

Festo Balloon Hot Air Balloon  

Festo Hot Air Balloon

Hot air balloons fly simply because hot air rises. A propane fueled burner heats the air inside the balloon hotter than the air outside. Our pilots can control the altitude and rate of ascent by controlling this temperature. Although winds determine the direction of the flight, pilots can ascend or descend to pick up different wind patterns. Festo’s hot air balloons can fly up to 14 miles per hour.

The City of Mason works with its innovation partners to promote and sustain common goals. We work to organize events and programs designed to educate and inspire students of all ages to take interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education and career paths. Throughout last year's Innovation Week, Festo demonstrated two bio-inspired projects from its Bionic Learning Network to showcase how principles from nature provide inspiration for technical applications and industrial practice. The University of Cincinnati, Sinclair Community College, City of Mason Schools, and Kings Mills Schools all collaborated as strategic partners. As part of the City of Mason’s commitment to promote the growth of advanced technology, bioscience and talent attraction, Mason Innovation Week was an enriching experience for our entire community.

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